Python is an object oriented programming language and almost everything in Python is an object. Python Classes are object constructors and widely used in Python-programming world. In this article, I am going to present you some best-practices in using Python Classes in programming. In particular, you will get to know:

  1. The merits of using Classes instead of dictionary: sometimes it is better to use Classes instead of dictionaries in Python programming. You will get to know about these cases

A case where using a Class is better than using dictionaries in Python

Sometimes you may feel…


In order to keep security of servers, data engineers often use bastion host as a “door” to the server and connect to the server through this bastion by using SSH. In this article, we will create this kind of environment in GCP (in Figure 1 below) with the help of deployment manager and do SSH connection to the Server through Bastion. Note that if you have an environment in GCP and all services (including Bastion) are running, you can skip “Creating the environment in GCP” section below.

Figure 1. SSH connection to Server in Private Subnet through Bastion

Creating the environment in GCP


You need to have an account and a project in GCP in order…


Recently, we have built a prototype environment in AWS for our application. The application is in the process of development and we are going to add additional features to it. There we faced an issue: for each additional feature, we had to add or change some of the AWS services. For example, adding Fargate services, container definitions or creating new Cloud Front with S3 buckets for the front of the new application feature. The main problem was that we had to manually add, remove or change services and it was costly in terms of time. Due to this reason, we…

As most machine learning projects and big data analysis are switching to the cloud, the need for professionals who can effectively build data solutions in the cloud is significantly increasing. With GCP Professional Data Engineer Certificate, you can demonstrate that you have adequate skills and knowledge to design and build data processing systems and create machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform.

Recently, I passed this certification exam with nearly three months of studying: I do not have 3+ years of experience as recommended by Google to pass this exam, and it has been only 6 months since I have…

By effectively using the technological developments, Data-intensive applications are pushing the boundaries of what can be done. An application becomes data-intensive if data is its primary challenge. Nowadays, many applications are data-intensive. Such applications have to:

  • Store data in the database for the later use

Due to these minimum requirements…

PyTorch is an open source deep learning research platform/package which utilises tensor operations like NumPy and uses the power of GPU. It was developed by Facebook’s AI research group and is now widely used for machine learning. In this article, I want to concentrate on Multioutput CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) analysis in PyTorch. There are many guidelines on how to use PyTorch for deep learning analysis. However, as far as I know, Multioutput CNN in PyTorch is one of the less mentioned topics and I want to fill this gap with this article.

This article has been published for non-commercial…

Bobirmirzo Arslanov

Data Engineer

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